Day 12 My First Love

1.12.2017 |

Today's passages:

Revelation 2:2-7

Do you remember when you first surrendered your life to Christ?  The sweet wooing process of the Lord drawing you out of darkness and into his marvelous light.  Do you remember with what eagerness you dove into the bible to consume his Word?

It doesn't matter if you were saved when you were 6-years-old at Vacation Bible School or you were drug through the trenches before crying out to Christ later in life, you were dead in your sin but God in his great mercy opened your eyes to his wonderful salvation.  That is a beautiful picture.

You can read the messy but beautiful story of the Lord drawing me out of darkness here.

Nic Dampier Photography - March 8, 2014 - Starkville, MS

However, as we get more comfortable in our relationship with Christ, as with a significant other, we stop investing as much time with that person.  We might get lazy with intentionality.  We stop pursuing moments together and start figuring out what we can get from the relationship.  Unfortunately, those same principles can paralyze our walk with Christ.

Return to your first Love, the only Love that will never depart or fail.

Listen to I Am They's "From the Day" and return to your first Love.  Find a list of more suggested songs at the end of the New Bloom devotional.

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Share your redemption story in the comments below.  We could all be encouraged by your testimony.

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