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I am Renee.  I am a native Hoosier, but lived in Mississippi from 2008 to 2016.  We currently live in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia.  I know I don't look older than 18, but I am actually 27.  I went to Mississippi State University to compete in cross-country and track.  I received a full-ride scholarship to do what I love and study what I love.  I have two degrees from Mississippi State University: BS in biological sciences and MAT-S alternate route. #hailstate 

You may have wondered why my blog is called MULLING OVER MY MORNING COFFEE. Well, that is because I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and spending time in the word with Jesus.  Over coffee, I have a chance to ponder what Jesus may be teaching me.  Some days I get to spend more time in the word than others, but I desire a close relationship with Christ, and that doesn't come by having a closed Bible.  Recently I have blogged about motherhood and challenges I face.  All of this I get to think about while sipping guzzling my hot cold coffee. 

I have been married since March 8, 2014.   My husband, Mark, is a God-fearing man.  He leads in me such a way that he supports me, challenges me, and encourages me to grow into the woman God desires me to be.  He is an integral part of my relationship with Christ as the headship of our household.  It is a joy to submit to him.  Mark is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity for Pastoral Ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina.  He will graduate May 2018.  He is also pursing his doctorate in Preaching.  He is the student pastor at Swift Creek Baptist Church.

We are parents to the most intelligent toddler named Ezra and a new little nugget named Piper.  We are thrilled to be parents and a family of four.  We are completely honored that God would choose us to bring up Ezra and Piper in this world.  We are completely blown away at how God is chooses to shape our family.  Here are more (raw, ugly, touching) blog posts at motherhood and pregnancy.

I have 3 favorite books of the bible: Romans and Ecclesiastes.  Romans is a straight forward, gospel-soaked book.  Romans 6 is such a good reminder to me that I am no longer a slave to sin, but I am free in Christ.  Ecclesiastes is one of my favorites because, although it is a bit depressing, it is such a good reminder that apart from Christ that life is meaningless.  Only in Christ, our purpose is found.  Acts 7 has become a favorite chapter for me as it accounts of the faithfulness of God and the bold witness and martyr of Stephen.  Christ is worth it.  There is hope in the gospel, and I am so grateful for my mom desiring to teach me who Jesus was at an early age and my best friend, Loren, for showing me who Jesus was in college.  I have grown in my walk with Christ, building on my foundational knowledge and actively applying Jesus in every avenue of my life.  I surrendered my life to Christ once and for all in March 2012 and identified with the body of Christ through believer's baptism in August 2012.  For more of my testimony, click HERE.

While in Mississippi, I taught physical science, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, and earth science at a local high school, but my absolute favorite place to be is outside surrounded by nature.  I love the stillness of nature. I have always been enamored by nature, the changing of leaves, animals of every kind, and learning about the world outside the walls. #nerd

I am currently a stay-at-home-mom and it is definitely the most challenging and difficult thing I have ever tackled.  As tough as being a D-1 athlete was, and as tough as teaching was at times, it absolutely pales in comparison to the patience, kindness, and gentleness you must have when confined by 4-walls with a tiny human.  Mad props to all you warriors who stay at home with your children!

I hope you take some time to explore this little blog.  I hope you find encouragement and peace in Christ through its words.  I hope you send me your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and stories.

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  2. I think that you're an awesome person. stay true to yourself and don't ever change who you are and who god made you to be. Just be yourself. -Rebecca S.

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    1. Thank you Caroline ;) Excited to explore your blog more

  4. I really like your daily reading plan from Jen Wilkin's book, Women of the Word. Do you have it available as an editable file?


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