Day 4 The Word

1.04.2017 |

Today's passages are:

Psalm 139:23-24
Psalm 119

There are only two passages to read today; however, Psalm 119 is the longest book in the entire bible.  It is longer than some books in the bible.  Take time to really read through all 176 verses in Psalm 119 and let it transform your thinking today.

Psalm 119 "reflects the view that the Lord, who abounds in steadfast love and faithfulness and who therefore freely and fully forgives his people when they confess their sins, loves his people without limits, and therefore also guides the faithful in the way of life that is genuinely good and beautiful." 
(from ESV study bible notes)

Psalm 119 illustrates that if you meditate and walk steadfastly in obedience to the Lord's commandments, you will not easily forget them or go astray.

Did you know that you can listen to the bible being read out loud?  I encourage you to listen to Psalm 119 as someone else reads it and you follow along.  It's incredibly powerful to just listen to scripture.

Take a minute to listen to Bethel's "I Will Exalt."  You can find more encouraging songs at the end of the New Bloom devotional in the suggested song list.

What is the one word or phrase you are taking from Psalm 119 and meditating on today?

For me, it is "steady my steps" in verse 133.  I pray that as I meditate on the Lord steadying my steps, that I would be able to resist temptations and sin that it would have no dominion over me as I walk in the statues of the Lord.


If you have not had the chance to download the New Bloom devotional, you can download it by clicking on the logo.

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