28-Day Prayer Guide for Women

1.21.2017 |

Over the next 28-days, I pray that you will be able to draw closer to the Lord in the spiritual discipline of prayer.   I pray that you would commit to pouring out your heart to him and commit to listening to his precious Word.

Grab a journal, a pen, and your bible, and with a willing heart sit down before the Father in the stillness and write out your requests to him.  It might be a struggle at first, but stick with it. It doesn’t have to be fancy or eloquent. We have a Father in Heaven who hears and listens, and he delights in us.

  • There is no right or wrong way to begin writing down your prayers. You may have had a diary when you were younger. The premise is the same, except you are writing to holy Jesus, not a lifeless, emotionless journal.
  • There is no right or wrong length of prayer. Some days you may write a few lines, while other days may take a page or two. It’s your time with the Lord, an intimate fellowship that is an open line of communication between you both. You make your requests, but you also listen.
  • Prayer asserts our dependence on God. We are helpless. We are not in control. We need to pour out our hearts to the one who has rescued us and holds the universe together. We need to tap into that rich love and that incredible power.
  • Prayer is your lifeline to the Father. You may find that writing your prayers done will help you stayed focused. You may be a doodler and draw in the margins. You may find that the first few days are awkward. And that is all okay. God does not think you sound stupid or wordy or weird or whiney, he just wants to hear you. Don’t neglect this spiritual discipline. Commit to being with him.

You can download the 28-day prayer guide by clicking on the graphic below. 

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