Day 5 Love

1.05.2017 |

The scriptures for today:
Psalm 107
Romans 5:8
1 Corinthians 13

Love is a pretty incredible thing.  We get to extended it to our spouses, our friends, our families, and coworkers.  However, our society seems to be obsessed with the idea of love, but not willing to commit to love or even sacrifice for love.  We are surrounded by ideals of love and ideas of what would make someone love expertly.  Don't believe we are frantically searching for love and obsessed with it?  Look at your TV.  Almost every TV show idealizes or glamorizes the worldly concept of love in romance and friendship.

But what does God's infallible word say that love is?  How can we know if we are loving others in a godly way?  How can we know that God is absolutely for us and wants the best for us? 

This answer can be found in a supplemental scripture for today's devotional: 1 John 4:7-21

I count at least 29 "love" words in just a few short verses.  If you haven't read this passage, go read it now.  It will truly comfort your heart.

God is love.  It is who he is.

So in 1 Corinthians 13, we can replace love with God.  God is patient, and kind, and rejoices with truth.  God doesn't envy, or boast, or rude.

We get to see in Psalm 107 how, despite their constant rebellion, God loves his people actively.
He delivers, he leads, he satisfies, he fills, he brings, he shatters, he sends, he heals , he changes, he blesses, and he rescues.

And despite our constant rebellion and chronic sin nature, God actively is pursuing us in love.  He is waiting for us to surrender our lives to him so his love may be perfected in us.

Be renewed by the words in "Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery" by Matt Papa.  Find more great songs at the end of your New Bloom devotional.


How has today's study on biblical love impacted you?

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