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had you asked me a month ago if i would be sad to see my newest friends leave starkville to return home for the summer, i probably would have hesitated a second before i answered and then muttered a simple no.  that was what i thought a month ago.  then, i failed to see how strong a friendship can grow each day.  i did not think it was possible to yearn for a group of people who i had only just acquainted myself with weeks prior, but here i am about to graduate college and start my summer break and i am deeply missing these people.  if you asked me that same question now, it's quite possible i break down in tears in anticipation of their arrival back to this town.  i long for the genuine encouragement these jesus lovers provide and continuous wholesome talk.

i like who they challenge me to be. i like how they pull and tug at my heart strings and force me to examine my life.  i enjoy their accountability, even though it is painful sometimes to admit my struggles.  i miss being loved solely for who i am in jesus, not for how smart or how pretty or how fast i am.  it's not that they aren't loving me from a distance–because they definitely are and i them– but i want to be able to walk into a coffee shop and pull up a seat or perhaps call one of them up and know we can get together in a matter of minutes.

there is something about summer that is so painfully liberating.  

i saw a dragonfly.

these girls were so innocently beautiful.

i miss my kittens.

jesus holds the door open for those who knock.

this is probably illegal. 

this is an excerpt from the book i am reading, "breaking free" by beth moore

i saw this door last week so i drove back to snag a picture.

i love fierce trees.

we've all been abandoned at some point in our lives, but jesus will never leave us.

i got my toes wet.

i stood in the middle of a back country road and took a picture.

my adventure ended.

me at my finest.

"and i could see for miles and miles and miles"

this man seemed to be in perfect harmony with the water.

even though our table will be empty until the fall, you all hold a place in my heart.


  1. Don't forget that I am still here and want to spend time with you!

  2. Great pictures as always Renee. Sorry to hear that your summer comes with a somber mood but I have a feeling you'll make the best of it. Also, congrats on making MSU snapshot. Got on there this morning to look up and old teacher and there you were with your nose to the grindstone.

    1. Thanks! HA he actually took that picture right after i had finished my last final. i was studying the book "breaking free" by beth moore. i would so much rather study that than school stuff anyway! haha.

    2. And here I was thinking you were being all studious! I started a book by her written on David but it seemed more tailored for the female perspective so it was somewhat difficult for me to relate to so I put it down to read a book by Tim Keller.

  3. Just wanted to say: I totally drive with my foot propped up like that.
    And, I totally agree on it being illegal.
    And, I don't really care, hahaha.

    1. HAHA! excellent! i don't think i'll ever stop driving like that, it is SO comfortable. :)


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