June with Jesus

6.19.2012 |

good morning faith family.  i hope your june is off to a great start.  this is an older post that i wrote at the beginning of the month and failed to post until now.  forgive me.  i cannot wait to share with you all that jesus has been doing in my life.

it is interesting how through your life, you can have different themes for the various phases you go through. here are the melodies that my life is singing right now.

1. guard your heart
2. obey! obey! obey!
3. consult the Lord in everything
4. plant seeds wherever you go

june is going to be an interesting month.  i don't know about you, but i have never had a consistently solid prayer life.  when i think about it, i'm ashamed.  i spend time with jesus through reading the bible and talking with other people who love jesus about what He is doing in their life; however, i am missing one of the biggest lifelines to my savior.  if i had to rate my prayer life on a scale of 1-10, i would genuinely give it a 4.  i pray at meals and i will randomly pray either out of desperation or because something is on my mind.  when i say that i want my prayer life to be transformed, i mean i want God to do something radical.  the discipline of pray doesn't just come over night.  setting aside time to daily pray will take some pulling of the hair and sacrificing personal time, but i am finally ready to take the plunge because i am aching and hurting and longing for a deeper relationship with jesus.  

i have designated june the month to kickstart this lifetime movement.  if there is anything that is laid on your heart and you need prayer for it, please, tell me.  i am honored to pray for you and i am looking forward to the opportunity i have to pray for you and any situation you may find yourself in.  most of all, i am excited to see how God moves through my life and those for whom i pray.  

through this month of june, i hope to be able to say my prayer life has been advanced to a 5 or higher.  i just want to draw nearer to the One who has given me more than i could ever repay.  i want to talk to my Friend, i want to ask the Healer for healing, i want to be comforted by the Comforter, i want to be disciplined by my Father, i want to be lead by the Light.  i know that direct communication with my jesus will transform my walk with Him into a run.  

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