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seek and you will find

i went to the refuge last sunday.  for those of you who do not know what the refuge is, it is a wildlife preserve.  while at the refuge, i saw a bald eagle, tons of flowers, several colorful butterflies, and experienced peace beyond any measure.  

this picture is from one of my favorite look outs.  at this location you are lofted high above a scenery comparable to the african savannah; however, if you look in the opposite direction, you are placed in the middle of a secluded swamp land forever echoing with billows of bullfrogs and chirping of cicadas. in the hut overlooking the terrain are stationary binoculars.  you know, the binoculars placed at ocean piers or at the top of skyscrapers, you put 50 cents in and you can see as far as your eyes allow for a ticking 30 seconds.  well, it's like that except there is no fee and no time limit. 

i love that some one wrote a verse on the binoculars, graffiti or not. 

when you look in to binoculars you expect to see something on the other end.  you have been trained from a early age that binoculars magnify a distant object and allow it to appear close (i won't go into the physics and science of this, though i so nerdily want to).  

what if we view out relationship with christ like binoculars?

what if when we dove into the word we EXPECTED to see something in the scriptures?

what if when we prayed we really prayed EXPECTANTLY, not just reciting empty words that sound religious and ritualistic?

what if when we felt alone, we EXPECTED God to comfort us?

let's make it a point to see our relationship with God like we see through binoculars, with expectations.

open my eyes, that i may behold wondrous things out of your law. 
psalm 119: 18


  1. I love this one! Love the analogy! I used to pray how you described, using words that sounded religious and thought that was doing it. My prayers are still developing into more meaningful ones and actually asking God for help with things instead of asking for world peace (which isn't a bad thing to pray for, but not just what I wanted my prayers to be about). God is on our side, so the idea of a relationship with expectations isn't's beautiful. I hope I understood this correctly haha. Seek and you will find. Thank you for a wonderful post!!!!!

    1. dear anonymous,

      I was going through some old blog posts and realized i never responded to your comment. thank you for checking out my blog. i hope your walk with Christ is thriving. stay grounded in Him! he never fails nor forsakes us!



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