my day begins and ends with you

4.07.2012 |

my day revolves around anyone but You
and i've seemed to have lost my happiness
it got stuck between the pages i haven't opened
and launched into the arms of another

but the book is being opened
my deep joy will return to radiate this heart
because when something ends 
another begins


  1. Replies
    1. molly,

      i sure did ;) while drinking coffee and enjoying a sunset.

    2. Ahhh you're so talented, this totally describes my life right now! And so many others I'm sure.
      I'm beginning to see that the things I once clinged so tightly to was idolatry and ultimately stole my joy and that although they are hard things to give up, such better things are in store for us :)

    3. ah thank you sweet friend.

      this was a dark place in my life. i totally lost sight of jesus and got qickly blinded with infatuation of a boy who did not love jesus. it was tough and i started heading down the path of my past. immediately convicted, i quickly extinguished all ties. praise the lord for those convictions and being strong enough to appropriately respond. whew. i shudder when i think of my past. eek. one day, i will write about it. but praise God that he brought me through that desert place and still continues to hold me. if it weren't for those seasons in my life, i may not be in this season.

      i can't wait to see what God does in the near future in my life, and i can't wait to see what he does in yours.

      you're right. giving up things that take the place of God is a hard thing to do. and much harder sometimes because we don't even realize that they are taking the place of God! i'll be praying for both of us that God may point out any area in our lives were we are holding back from God.

      i'm so glad you comment on my blog. i like responding to you. i also follow your blog now :)))) YAY


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