never give up on your first Love

4.18.2012 |

God is showing up in ways i never expected.  He is blowing my expectations and showing me that it is He that runs this show, and not i.  i have obviously been putting God in a box, underestimating His awesome power and creative craftsmanship.  over the past week, multiple friends have come to me seeking encouragement and spiritual guidance.  now, anyone who has spent more than 10 seconds with me,knows i have my fair share of shortcomings and set backs, but i am setting aside my self-ambitions and self-righteous tendencies.  i am involving myself in other people's lives, people who are hurting, people with whom i can relate, friends, someone with whom i can share my struggles.  this week is going to be one of the best by far, no matter how many small blunders i make throughout the days (which could be enough to fill an entire journal).  i am meeting, having coffee, eating lunch, splitting breakfast, catching up, and sharing encouraging words with a different friend every day this week.  

can i just say how freeing it is to invest in someone's life and for someone to invest in yours?  

i'm usually the girl that keeps to herself and hoards her alone time like someone might steal it forever, i never go out of my way to make plans with someone, but that was last week.  this week, i'm nudging out of my comfort zone and i am finding it to be every thing but uncomfortable.

i recently told a friend, 

"imperfections make us beautiful."

i encourage you to truly believe my statement. once i finally learned that i will never reach perfection as defined by the world's standards, i became insanely free after years of imprisonment. i was no longer chained to pleasing people only to be let down by my insecurities.  i was no longer engaging in activities solely to prove my self worth to people who never really cared.  i was no longer bound by the belief that i was a failure, because i am not a failure and never have been a failure, and by the strength of the Lord, i will never be a failure.  when i finally believed my imperfections made me beautiful, i saw myself as God saw me: blameless and pure.

knock and the door will open
matthew 7:7
your heart is misleading
proverbs 4:23
be a firmly planted tree by the stream
psalm 1
cling to my first love
revelation 2:2

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