heart broken for mountains

1.17.2012 |

sipping on skinny french vanilla cappuccino dreaming of columbines and mountain trails.

lately my heart is being torn in every direction possible, far and wide across the continent from coast to coast and everywhere in between
last night my heart, or rather my memories and thoughts, resided in colorado, and it couldn't be torn to any place else.  one of my most respected and wonderful friends, eddie, is now living in colorado springs and will be deployed to afghanistan in march to protect our country from above in an apache helicopter.  as every day closes, we are talking more and more to make up for lost time, one could say.  now that he is finally in the most beautiful place on earth, he has my mind wrapped in a tizzy.  his accounts of being in a place so new to him take me back to some of the most glorious days of my life.  here i sit and reminisce of summers in colorado training with elite athletes, serving children at a camp, loving old friends and making many more, smiling stronger with each passing moment.

i know i should be focused on what i have in front of me and all the exciting adventures i plan to get into in the near future, but i can not help but be absolutely heart broken and yearn for a place i plan to live, for the rest of my life.

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