new series: "STORIES from a missionary"

1.30.2015 |

sunday will start the new series: "STORIES from a missionary."  i hope you will be able to follow along as many people who have answered the call to make disciples will be sharing their experiences with the world.  they have gone across the street to the other side of town, to another state and another country, they've flown from continents to all of the nations

these adventurous stories from REAL people with REAL emotions, REAL passion, have experienced REAL life lessons. hear what they have to say this entire month on the blog starting in february!

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  1. Hey Renee!! It was so fun to find another Indiana/Mississippi girl :) I'm glad you gave the polka-dot/stripe outfit combination a try this week. It's one of my favorites. Could you send me your email so I could reply to all of your nice comments??


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