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i have had the sincerest privilege to do life with jo beth dodds for 1.5 years.  our mentor-mentee relationship has grown so much more than that.  jo beth may be a senior in high school, but her maturity matches that of a college graduate.  jo beth's fire for the lord is contagious and her willingness to obey God at all costs is truly awesome.  

jo beth has the wonderful opportunity to go to brieley hill, england this summer.  below, jo beth has composed a short summary of what her summer 2015 will look like.  

please take a moment to read her comments and pray fully consider donating a tax-deductible gift to such a kingdom-impacting project and young lady.

My name is Jo Beth Dodds! Let me tell you, i love serving the Lord through missions! This past summer i spent 10 days in England serving along side a church called Church in the Community. This church is located in Brieley Hill, England. The pastor has asked me to come back and serve as intern for two months. He asked me to begin preparing to disciple youth, lead small groups, work in the church’s coffee shop, and serve the homeless. This summer should be very busy! 
Would you be willing to partner with me to share the gospel in England where only 2% of the population claims to be Christ followers? I feel that this is God’s will for me to spend 2 months worshiping Him through service. Please help me shine His marvelous Light! 
if you feel led to give, please click HERE.  
please feel free to share this blogpost and her link so jo beth can be fully funded by april.  

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