why do you say that God is good?

1.27.2015 |

when you hear someone say, "God is good all the time," 9 times out of 10, you'll respond, "all the time, God is good."

but why do we say that God is good?


think about that, seriously.

why do you say that God is good?

if i'm honest with myself, the words i'm about the write are convicting to me more than anyone.

a lot of times we say God is good because of the things that happen to us or the things we get.

"i got a raise, God is good."
"i passed the test, God is good."
"my fantasy football team is winning, God is good."
"mom made dinner, God is good."
"i got the iPad i wanted, God is good."
"she said yes, God is good."
"yes, i'm losing weight, God is good."

all of that could realistically happen, and we should give praise be to God all the more for that.  we can genuinely praise him for those blessings, absolutely.  however, saying that God is good only when these things happen is a misrepresentation of God's character.

God is good.  he is the definition of goodness.  he is not good because of the things that do (or do not) happen.  good or bad, his goodness remains.

read the psalms.  the writer of the psalms praises God simply for God's character, not for the things he does or doesn't have.

while the Lord provides and wants good things for his children, is he only good while things are going our way?

can we say 'God is good' when bad things happen?   

"i have been diagnosed with cancer, ___________________."
"i had to bury our only child, ___________________."
"my boss reprimanded me in front of my coworkers, _____________________."
"my spouse doesn't appreciate my hard work, ______________________."
"i am struggling to financially provide for my family, _____________________."
"my family no longer wants me to come around, ____________________."
"i just got broken up with, __________________."

can we really say that God is good in those times?  do we say that he is good?  again, if i am honest with myself, i find bitterness welling up inside of me and thinking God is anything but good in those times.  

however, our scope is limited.  often we can't see the big picture.  we might not always know why unfortunate circumstances come our way, but that doesn't change God's character.  God is sovereign over every situation, and when things don't go our way, he is still good.

goodness is God's nature and who God is.  God sets our standard of goodness.

romans 8:28 says that for those who love God, all things work together for their good according to God's purposes.  so for the christ-follower, though sometimes things are contrary to what we may want to happen, every single thing is to make us more christ-like.  it is to grow us more into the image of christ.  it is not always easy for me to recognize God's goodness in the midst of turmoil, but still, it's comforting to know that God's  hand is in everything for our good.

God's goodness is not dependent on our definition of goodness but of his.

in your life, how have you seen God's goodness displayed?


  1. This is so awesome, and such a good reminder for me! I'm constantly praising God in my good times. But in my valley times, I don't necessarily question Him but I definitely don't say, "Hey, this bad thing happened but God is good!" I need to be better about that because like you said, God is good all the time :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! :) I need this reminder ALL the time. glad this could be a source of reminder <3

  2. I love this! What a good challenge. I often write about praising God during the trials, the hard times, and before the miracle happens! I think it's so important that we praise Him when we are suffering, not just when were blessed!

    1. Thanks for the comment Caroline. I am so convicted by this on a daily basis. I rarely stop just to tell God thank you for a smooth day. :)


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