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2.01.2015 |

matthew 28:19 says " go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

what is it that we are called to do as a christ-follwer, as someone who has said, "yes jesus, yes, i will follow you and trust you with my life no matter the cost?"  what is that calling? what is that command?

matthew 6:33 seek christ
john 16:33 take heart
luke 9:23 deny yourself
matthew 4:17 repent
matthew 5:16 let your light shine
mathew 5:24-25 be reconciled
john 14:15 keep his commands
matthew 28:19-20 make disciples
matthew 22:37-38 love the lord
luke 12:4-5 do not fear man
john 3:7 be born again
matthew 4:19 follow jesus
matthew 6:1-18 spiritual disciplines

check out these truths one by one.  make a little bible study out of it.  find more commands that jesus gives to us for the glorification of his name.

there are so many commands that jesus tells us as christ-followers that we get to do.  we are representatives of christ and following these commands (as imperfect as we are) makes us more christ like.

as we move into this month, i want to focus on jesus's command to make disciples and sharing the truth of christ's plan of redemption.  this isn't some nice recommendation, it's a command.  jesus expects us to do this, if we identify with him.  if you were to call yourself a runner, you would run.  if you were to call yourself a teacher, you would teach.  if you were to call yourself a meteorologist, you would tell us the weather.  if you did not do your description of whatever you called yourself, you would be living a lie and would be giving a false representation of what your label is.  as a christ-follower, if we are not sharing the gospel with those around us, we are living in sin.

philippians 1:27 says that we should live lives worthy of the gospel.  how convicting in my own life because i know how screwed up, disobedient, and bitter i can be (another bog for another day).

this month i hope that you can see these incredible stories of people who have set aside their own selfish interests for the glory of christ.  lives have been transformed and are continuing to be transformed through the power of jesus christ at work.

let's live lives worthy of the gospel as we go.

next up: Nathan Ball tells us about his experience at a camp for inner city teens. 


  1. I absolutely love this! I think so many times, people tend to forget that Jesus is COMMANDING us and not saying, "Hey, if you have some time, could you do this for me?" Great reminder!

  2. It's a great reminder to me too! A lot of times it makes us feel better to think that Jesus is suggesting things, but really he says you HAVE to die to yourself if you want to follow me. NOT a suggestion, a requirement. <3 not out of obligation, but out of desire to grow and know Jesus more :)


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