what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

4.07.2012 |

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

please, enlighten me.  
what are your thoughts?

i feel as if we begin as formless rocks, beautiful but formless.  each time we go through a hard time, erosion takes place, we are chipped away, we are forever changed.  we morph into an original sculpture molded by those who have entered our lives. some barely scratch the surface of our stoney exterior while others leave marginal lines.  no matter the shifting ground or the weathering hands, the pain is tortuous.  

i don't want to wear away to nothing.

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  1. Simply stated, and yet so honestly true. I know exactly what you mean. An I myself wonder, what I am left with. This life will wear you down, but when I feel there is nothing left, it's in that place I find His grace gently surrounding me....


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