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4.24.2012 |

written July 7, 2009
i am as guilty as the person sitting next to me, so listen up reader. so often we are all individually blinded by the light three feet away, so much that we fail to look further to the open skies where endless opportunities may be awaiting our bounty. we get trapped into a routine that isolates us from the rest of the world. there is a blocking of the grand scale adventure, we just get caught up in hiking from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ without really knowing where we are even going at all. 
listen, we can't always know what the final destination will be, but should we not have some inclination as to where we might end up down the road? we are sailing through vast, empty ocean occasionally coming across an island or two, maybe a hurricane capsizes our life vessel, and perhaps an endless warmth that is continuous sunshine without shelter. however, still, we still just float, we float on and on until we really decide what we want and where to go that feels like home, sweet home. if we could just somehow take off our blinders and see the big picture, maybe we wouldn't waste so much time pitying ourselves, waste so much time giving ourselves ulcers from worrying, waste so much time from mistake after mistake, waste so much time in the oblivion of the unknown. you get the point by now i suppose, not assume. 
i know that there is another part to this equation, i do. if we never had blinders and instead saw the big picture head on, the is a chance we would become severely disappointed because things never turn out the way that we envision them in the first place. if there were not little roadblocks along the way, how would we know how to handle the grand scheme if we were not tested through and through along the way. the trails are our trials of life leading up to the mountain of destiny. 
no matter how we slice, view, or look at it; the big picture is where our journey leads and the matter in the foreground is our lesson to be learned and applied for a later date. i think i'll choose to take off my goggles of deception at points in my journey, but put them back on if the weather gets too chaotic. our journeys will lead somewhere different, but i challenge you all to go climb your own mountain, but take your first step at the base and work your way up.

picture of mt. shasta in oregon i took in 2009

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