my Potter's plan

4.21.2012 |

i was just some formless clay
at the mercy of the Potter's wheel
this Potter thought me up and so
He sculpted me without delay

the craftsmanship was so precise
He molded my every curve
the Potter's timing was perfect still,
yet my artistic shape came with a bloody Price

my Potter handled me with care
emerging renewed from the fiery kiln
He hand-selected the most innate glaze
then displayed His masterpiece like a love affair

with the thumbprint seal, i was almost complete
He made my internal ceramic reflect my fa├žade
my Potter cares for each part of me, and reminds his Craft
"beauty is not solely surface deep"

i'm no longer just a formless core
thrown to the fate of the spinning wheel
no, i'm a treasured perfection kneaded with zeal
my Potter holds me in his hands, now and forever more

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