2015: a year in review

3.09.2016 |

There were so many incredible things that happened in 2015.  There were several joyous occasions; however, there were a few losses sprinkled throughout the year.  It is nothing short of God's grace that we have made it through another year, and it is God's grace that will continue to sustain us in this new year.
thank you for the memories

  • Celebrated the new year by tubing in Ohio
  • Helped with DNOW and went to the nursing home to visit with the residents
  • Started the "Stories from a Missionary" series
  • Was the Mississippi Women's Blogger guest blogger
  • Valentine mission project with the church
  • Celebrated Valentine's Day with Chic-fil-a and MSU baseball
  • Experienced a massive snow in Mississippi
  • Went to the MSU-UK basketball game in the middle of the snow storm
  • The stupid BLUE-BLACK, WHITE-GOLD dress thing happened

  • We found out that we were pregnant
  • Blacklight 9-square with the youth group
  • We went to Disney World
  • Celebrated our 1 year anniversary
  • Went through our first interview for a youth pastor position
  • Went to New Orleans and thought about moving there for Mark's classes
  • Got to see my cousin, Killian, win a horse competition
  • Uncle Randy got to throw the first pitch at an MSU baseball game
  • Got to see little Ezra through sonogram
  • We went to the lake house with Bobby and Savannah
  • My parents were featured on HGTV on Lakehouse Bargain Hunt
  • My sister-in-law Amy got married to Justin
  • My sweet aunt Kathy passed away

  • We announced that we were pregnant
  • I helped work an MSU track event
  • Attended Starkville High School, Starkville Academy, and Starkville Christian School's graduation
  • Hung out with my track girls one last time
  • Moved out of our first house
  • Played kickball with FBC
  • My aunt Connie's friend Joe passed away.  He was like family for so many years.
  • We moved into our apartment.
  • Celebrated Mark's birthday at Ekie's pond on MSU's campus
  • We bought pool floats!
  • Started meeting with Carley for discipleship
  • Went to Ocean Springs for another youth pastor interview
  • Stopped at Traveler's Rest in Nashville Tennessee
  • Went to the lake house and Mark and Dad jumped off cliffs
  • We stopped at a national cemetery and UT's campus
  • Went to Mission First in Jackson, MS and hosted a kid's camp and did yard work

  • I got to visit the Red Coal Mines in Ackerman, MS
  • We found out that our little baby was a boy!
  • Celebrated the 4th of July with my sister and Mark in Starkville
  • Mark and I were RED 4 leaders at Super Summer Mississippi.
  • Got to see Morgan one last time before she left for Bolivia
  • Mark built Ezra's crib.
  • Went to Evansville for my first baby shower
  • Mark and I spent one last weekend together in Memphis.
  • Went to the Junior High Fall Retreat at Lake Forest Ranch
  • Started my 3rd year working at Starkville High School
  • Watched my best friend from high school get married

  • Went to Memphis with Mark and Alex and did Memphis Escape Rooms!
  • All of MSU's home football games
  • Listened to Mark preach to the youth
  • Had a baby shower at church
  • Starkville High School had an FCA cookout
  • Took pregnancy pictures
  • My sister came and visited
  • I had another baby shower at church
  • Played blacklight dodgeball with the youth group
  • Went to the pumpkin patch with Mark
  • Went to the Senior High Fall Retreat at Lake Forest Ranch
  • The staff at Starkville High School threw me a diapers and wipes shower
  • Celebrated my 26th birthday at the grill
  • Gave birth to Ezra on Friday the 13th 
  • My parents and sister came down for Thanksgiving

  • Hung out with Ezra while on maternity leave 
  • Started running again
  • Ezra turned a month old
  • We went to Jackson, MS with Mark so he could take his final exams.
  • Visited family in Indiana and Ohio
  • Went to my first NHL game in Columbus
  • Went ice skating for the 4th year in a row

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