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some people live where snow is a foreign concept.  thankfully, i do not have that misfortune.  i am quite in tune to the magic and awe –and the dangers and fears–of snow. every winter, the weather man promised countless snow days so i could go sledding instead of write essays and build snow forts instead of crunching numbers in calculus.  with all the splendor of snow, it comes as no suprise that snow yields real dangers.  the other day we got 10" of snow.  maybe you have never had the privilege–yes i say previelege–of shoveling 10" of snow off the drive way, but i could barely get out of bed the next morning i was so sore. (waahoo!) driving conditions are near impossible and buisnesses around town are shut down.  it doesn't matter how "good" your snow plows are and it doesn't matter how "fast" the salt trucks dump salt on the roads, you're not leaving your house when snow is coming down an inch every hour.  there were countless wrecks yesterday and many people lost their lives out in the weather conditions. in the midst of laughing and jovial times, there is always weeping and mourning.

you know, there is a lot to be learned from the snow.

the weather man gives us clear warning that the snow is coming.  do we believe him this time? do we take him at his word–which is usually only 60% correct at-best?  regardless, he studies maps and patterns and trends in the weather.  it is apparent that something is coming our way.  a snow storm.  he tells us the snow will arrive around 3AM and will last late into the afternoon.  he warns that it could be anywhere from 6" at the least and 15" at the most (sure, a safe range) and to get ready, be prepared.  still, he believes it is coming, even if we don't.

so what happens....?

some people head to the store immediately to stock up on the essentials–they are preparing themselves a few days in advance for what is expected.  they leave no room for doubts.

some people head to the store last minute and are left disappointed because all the shelves are empty.  now they nit-pick through leftovers or leave empty handed.  if only they had gotten there sooner they could have picked what they really wanted,

yet, still, some people avoid the store all together.  "the weatherman is full–of–it again." they think the storm will pass quickly or that the weatherman has exaggerated the affects or that the snow won't even appear.

well, the storm happened.  it snowed a heavy and blustery 10 inches.  it. just. kept. coming. down.

dont wait until "the time is right"
you will leave empty handed
...what if we applied snowpocalyse 101 to a having relationship with jesus? 

no no no, stay with me and please hear me out. 

jesus christ, our weatherman, is coming back like a thief in the night.  (1 thessalonians 5:2 and revelation 16:15) you know as well as i do that some people go to the store often and may even have crisis-packs stored in their basement in anticipation, some wait til the last minute to grab the essentials, and some avoid the store all together.  where and who are you on a spiritual level?

do you live expectantly for the return of jesus christ, apply the word of God to every aspect of your life, and have an intimate and personal relationship with jesus christ?  society may calls these people jesus freaks, christ-followers, bible thumpers, weirdoes, religious fruitcakes.

have you waited  until you were diagnosed with a terminal illness to figure out the true freedom in jesus of the bible? did you grow up in the church and get lured into the fascinations this world has to offer? have you been burned or found that this jesus "isn't for you"?  have you ever thought that after you've "had your fun and fair share of mistakes" you will come back to church because YOLO...right!?  most people in this position will call themselves "christians," semi-religious, spiritually aware, in tune with themselves.

or are you a person is who is simply disinterested all together? maybe you think the snow storm is coming, but eh, it's just another storm.  people may call themselves apathetic, agnostic, atheist, .

regardless of what society labels you or what you yourself have deemed of utmost importance, there is a blatant warning that the storm is coming...and coming soon.  THERE IS A STORM COMING and unlike a snow storm on christmas night, we have absolutely no clue when this is going to happen.  (revelation 3:10, 1 thessalonians 4:15-18, 2 thessalonians 2:1-6, titus 2:13, 1 corinthians 15:52).

does it not make since to prepare and to anticipate this? to know him? you wouldn't just walk down the aisle to meet your husband without having first met him.  no, as a little girl you dream of the day you meet your prince charming and you two live happily ever after.  this is imprinted on your heart as an american girl and you forever look forward to your wedding day.  on a different scale, the return of jesus is the same.  our divine Husband is coming for us. from the minute we learn of jesus we have the ability to say yes i want you, i'm interested, who are you? or no i don't need you, i don't want you (you theologians can debate my last sentence, but as far as i am concerned, we can choose jesus or choose to live in sin; romans 6:16-18).

so have you prepared for the storm?

"once we too were foolish and disoobedient. we were misled by others and became slaves to many wicked desires and evil pleasures.  our lives were full of evil and envy. we hated others, and they hated us. but then God our SAvior shows us his kindness and love.  he saves us, not because of the good things we did, but because of his mercy. he washed away our sins and gave us a new life through the holy spirit. he generously poured out the spirit upon us because of what jesus christ our savior did. he declared us not guilty because of his great kindness.  and now we know that we will inherit eternal life." –titus 3:3-7

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