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12.28.2016 |

I am so excited to share my 2-week devotional with you.  This is my first time putting anything like this out on the web.  I started this devotional about 2 years ago, but have since done a major overhaul on it.  I shared the sad original with just one person, but I really think this new look, style, and approach may just be what you are looking for to kick off the new year.

It was my finding that many of us, myself included, have an extremely difficult time finding the time to sit down (uninterrupted) and have meaningful, quality time with Jesus.  It is my hope that this 2-week devotional will jumpstart your new year, refresh you, and encourage you to set aside time, even if it is a quick 10-minutes where you lock yourself in the bathroom.

I decided on the name New Bloom because going into this new year, I really want my relationship with Christ to blossom.  I hope that is one of your goals as well and that we can grow together.

But why only 2-weeks!?  They say it takes 14-days to form a new habit.  But I didn't just stop there, I provided an extra 3-month reading plan.  Feel free to complete the reading plan at your own pace if you find yourself unsure of where to go next in the Bible.  Haven't we all been there!?

Click the logo below to receive your FREE download of New Bloom including:
  • a 14-day devotional
  • additional 3-month reading plan
  • note pages
  • scripture memory cards
  • suggest song playlist
  • and a prayer tracker

I will be starting New Bloom myself on January 1, 2017.  I hope to post about my experience here.  I would love your honest feedback about what you loved about the devotional, as well as what could have been done differently to help you dig deeper.  Be sure to check back here soon.  Until then, download, dig into the Word, and don't forget your coffee.


Be sure to comment below to let me know you downloaded the link, and check back here soon as I will be walking through some of the days with you!  

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