cookie cutter ministry wife

4.24.2014 |

i would like to tell you that i am permanently back on the blogophere, but i don't want to get your hopes up to incredibly high.  however, i am on my planning period (first block of the day) and i am fairly confident i know at least half of what i am doing today.

i am sitting in my classroom which has no windows, though it does boast a 3'x3' sky light.  coffee is brewing in a single serve: folgers black silk.  something about "black silk" just makes it sound like a a spider but a sexy spider.

one of the best pieces of advice i have ever gotten was from our former FBC starkville youth pastor's wife, paula.  she said to me, "a lot of people will try to tell you how to be a wife in ministry and what you need to do in order to fill that roll, well don't let anyone tell you a ministry wife should do this or do that, or should look like this and only be involved in that. be you"

i think that sums up a lot of what i have been thinking about lately.

so that's exactly what i am going to do. i'm gonna be me, because that's all i've ever known. that's who i was in dating, and who i was in engagement, and i don't think that has to change because i have two rings on my finger.  i've never been put into a box, and i don't think i will start now. i'm going to be who God made me to be.  i'm not going to fit a mold of what society has deemed the "perfect ministry wife", because that would be boring and i never was meant to be a cookie cutter.  my approval is in God, not man.  fulfill your ministry, whether you are a mom, teacher, coach, accountant, business woman, clerk, dentist, nurse, doctor, student, or mechanic. be you, because God designed you with special qualities and gifts that no one else has, and when you try to live up to an expectation that others needlessly place on you, you extinguish the beauty God lit inside of you.

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  1. Amen, friend. I'm always getting caught up in comparison with others.


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