Weight Loss Revelation

7.04.2012 |

God showed up, in the strangest of forms: weight loss.

I got the opportunity to talk with a childhood friend's father today, twice, at two different events.  He has  managed to loose an incredible amount of weight, naturally.  He went from roughly 370 pounds to 190 pounds.  Words can not describe how proud I am of him.  Through our conversations today, this is what I have pieced together:

When, let's call him Dave, lost a bunch of weight, it was evident that he had changed.  He had a remarkably different attitude; he looked radiantly healthy; he now held a positive outlook on living his life; Dave's entire lifestyle had improved immensely.  You can visually tell that Dave had undergone a major life change.  I haven't seen Dave in a few years, so the change is stark contrast: day and night almost.  I expected one Dave and got a different one; but his progression of change did not just happen over night.  He began babbling on about how hard the process of keeping the weight off has been, how discouragement and doubt would creep in at times, and how much perseverance he had to have if he truly wanted to fix the condition that was ruining his life one decision at a time.  After asking a plethora of questions, Dave tells me it would have been nearly impossible without ceaseless support and love from others who have walked that journey before.  While rambling, Dave can't help but give me tid bits of advice on how to improve my own health and fitness.  All Dave wants to do is share his life changing story with everyone because he is a completely new person, adding years to his life, doing things he never thought he could.  The old dave is gone after making the right decisions day in and out, and the weight has stayed off because he can not bare to return to his former ways.  He did not try weight loss pills or a quick surgery that promised to melt his pounds away.  No, Dave went back to what has always been true: good diet and exercise.  Truths that never change gave his life back.

Does this sound familiar?

When you accept Jesus as your Lord, the weight of this world is relieved from your shoulders.  Jesus is all you will want to talk or think about, like Dave, you will throw Jesus into any conversation because you want others to the experience the freedom you've found have in Christ. You want others to loose the weight of this world, too.  You are somehow different and people can see a visual difference from who you used to be.  however, your change did not happen overnight.  you wrestled with convictions and questioned whether God really meant everything He said in the bible.  you turned your back in bitterness and anger and you rejected Truth in its most pure form.  you became discouraged when trying to brave this journey alone.  yet, like dave, you needed change or the weight would have soon ended your life.  so you went back to what you knew to have always been true instead of following "feel-good seminars" and "life-changing programs" that only offered temporary weight removal, instead of a change of lifestyle.  you've tried the feel-good number, taking you from high to low from one minute to the next, never fulfilling.  jesus christ, in the life of a genuine believer, is absolutely evident.  your outlook on and purpose for life become meaningful, your demeanor is softened by christ's love, you begin to do the unexpected and unexplainable, your attitude is no longer burdened by what tomorrow may bring, and your lifestyle is shaped through faith.  you are not willing to return to your former life of imprisoning chains because you have the ultimate freedom found only through christ, and like dave, you have those people who have walked the road before you to encourage and lift you up when the occasional set backs occur.  the Truth that never changes gave you back your life.

read again about dave and sip on that java-goodness you're holding in your hand.

amazing isn't it!?

"this means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.  the old life is gone; a new life has begun!" –2 corinthians 5:17 [NLT]

are people able see the evidence of jesus living in you? the fruit being produced in your life? a stark contrast between the old (enter name here) and the new (enter name here)?

if not, why not? you will personally know the answer to this question.

let's celebrate our new lives in Christ.  let fireworks rain down for all to know that freedom isn't free.  jesus shed his blood for us. he paid the price for our freedom and salvation.

soli deo gloria


  1. BEAUTIFUL! And convicting in a good way. I honestly learn so much from you. It's like I knew why Jesus often does not seem evident in my life based on the way I act and the things I say, but until I sat down with this truth and admitted it, I continued down my path of loving Jesus but not really changing and not being a light of His love.
    Thank you. I also made your first picture my background :) I likes it

    1. mj,

      i definitely can relate to you when it feels like jesus is absent from your life. when i look closer at myself, it's because i'm not hanging out with positive influences, i'm not spending time in the word daily, i find myself "too busy" to pay jesus any mind...the list really is endless with any excuse i could give. i have to constantly remind myself to "die to myself daily" because if i don't, i start heading down the path of my past, and the path of my past is nothing i want to revisit. i actually was completely broken last night and found myself at war between longing for "the past, who i used to be" and the promises of Christ. i earnestly cried out to God to comfort me and remind me of his truths and goodness. i know nothing fruitful comes from who i was without jesus and i was quickly reminded.

      thank you for commenting on my post. i'm really glad you found it relevant to what you are going through right now. the seasons we have been through help mold the seasons we will soon experience, the defining factor is whether or not we let God direct our decisions. it's crazy how life is a domino effect.

      i'm not sure what kinda of music you listen to, but a song that i have on repeat right now is "wake up" by all sons & daughters. here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoPWqi0W2DA

      stay in touch mj ;)

      ♥ renee

    2. Very well said. I use the "too busy" excuse way too stinkin much. Looking at it now, its silly to think that i can put Him on the backburner! im reading an Eldredge book called Walking with God. That's what I need to work on in my spiritual walk: spending time in his presence daily, seeking his council on my decisions. I get lazy with it. But i quickly forget that if we invite him into all the nooks and crannies of our lives, and follow the path that he leads, we don't have to doubt that what we're doing will be blessed. Maybe not convenient or easy...But based on a huger promise so much higher than the trivial dealings of this world. Sometimes I wrap my head around this...but I often fail to practice it. Ill pray for both of us to improve on this :)
      And Ill have to check out that song, thanks for the suggestion!


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