"the gods pleasure, performance, and pain"

6.29.2012 |

i am sitting in barnes n' noble cafe on campus sipping on a fresh-brewed, free cup of coffee.  the barista was a doll.  she said, thank you for being patient, it's on the house.  what a complete day changer! thank you beautiful barista lady, i really want to ask where you got your flow-y flower shirt.  i am about to take my final exam for my "reading content" online summer graduate course.  i wanted to share with you a blog that i adore.  i was browsing older posts while chowing down on my bagel sandwich.

please take some time and read the blog post, "the gods of pleasure, performance, and pain."  you can get to the blog by clicking the quote in the gray textbox below.

there are no other words to describe what i have read between the lines of jeff bethke's blog, except for "thank you so very much."

if you feel led, read the blog post and then comment on my blog as to what you think.  i'm hungry for some fellowship and interaction with you.

i hope this blog post is liberating for you, just as it was for me.  the author and his wife do a fabulous job writing the words of jesus and tugging at your heart strings when you least expect it.

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