929 Coffee Bar: Our Wedding Reception

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Next Sunday is our first wedding anniversary.  It seems like just yesterday we were meeting for the first time in Starbucks over our quite times, having our first date at Strange Brew Coffeehouse after a delicious meal , and celebrating our wedding day at 929 Coffee Bar.

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It seems like our entire relationship has revolved around coffee and Jesus.  I had to meet Mark once twice three times before I knew his name.  Before knowing each other, Mark and I sat at the same table in Starbucks each day while I had a break from work in graduate school and he had a break from undergraduate classes.  During that time, we would do our separate quite times, listen to sermons, visit with friends.  It was neat to watch (from across the table) his relationship with Christ grow.  Being Starbucks friends, having never exchanged numbers or Facebooks, allowed us to cultivate a guarded mutual respect without expectations of a relationship.

So it is safe to say, that it was literally Jesus (obviously) and coffee that brought us together.

What I love about coffee houses (in general) is the vibe you get when you walk in, smell the fresh grinds, and see both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

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If you frequent a coffee house, the baristas become your friends and strangers can become your family.  In my case, literally, Mark became my husband.

Nine Twenty-nine Coffee Bar is a unique little bar located in the heart of Starkville, Mississippi.  Travel down Main Street, USA and visit for a while.  The name Nine Twenty-nine comes from the national day of coffee.  What I love about 929 on this day is that it hands out free coffee, a small, but so worth it treat.

Here is a list of many things I adore about this coffee shop:

  • Hand crafted syrups
  • Industrial look
  • Hand-me-down science tables
  • Live music
  • Bottomless coffee
  • Free water!
  • Ginormous booths
  • Bingo night
  • Choose your own mug!

  • A limited, but eclectic menu to make decision making a breeze
  • Fresh baked pastries and quiches
  • Repurposed wagon coffee tables
  • Free samples of baked treats
  • Hosting a variety of meetings
  • Random $1 off coupons awarded
  • Independent art nights
  • Welcoming feel for strangers to become friends
  • A personalized touch of homeyness and genuine care in their baristas.

I have got to say, I have been to many, MANY coffee shops, and the baristas here top anywhere I have ever been. 

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929 graciously allowed us to use their facilities to host our wedding reception on March 8, 2014.  We knew that we wanted to incorporate our love for coffee into our wedding day.  We selected bride and groom specialty drinks which everyone adored.  Not only could our guests try our delicious selections, but they could also try a variety of coffee from 929.  We had our food spread downstairs with plenty of seating and light for our 200-250+ guests!  The upstairs was used for cake, coffee, music, too much dancing, and memorable visits with our guests. (The police even got called because apparently we were making too much noise in a college town during Spring Break on a Saturday evening).


We had some of the sweetest baristas help out on our special day.  Each barista is always so cheery, genuine with their conversation, and helpful when unsure of what to try.  I have made some of the greatest friends from across the counter.

From the rustic industrial look to the delicious handmade blueberry pastries, and from the old lifted garage door letting natural light in to the Brooklyn cookie sheet wall, Nine twenty-nine coffee bar is one of the most enjoyable places to hang out, visit, and study.

When you come visit me in Starkville, this is a place we will make sure you grab a cup of hot java.

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