Messiness of Motherhood: An Introduction

12.04.2016 |

There is no other way to put it, motherhood is messy.  It's beautiful and wonderful, but it's a whole lot of messy.  Even though I am still a newbie, this past year of motherhood has pulled me in directions I never thought I would go, has provided experiences I never thought I would have, and has issued emotions on every part of the spectrum.  It's been good, it's been hard, but it's been so epically worth it.

Before reading on, I want you to watch this short video.  You may have seen it before, but I really want you to watch it before moving on. Please.  You need the laugh anyway.

What did you feel while watching this advertisement? 
Did you laugh? 
Did you drop your jaw in horror that some moms can be so nit-picky and judgmental?
Did you see a little of yourself in there?
Did you realize there were so many views of motherhood?

I remember watching this video for the first time while pregnant with Ezra.  I laughed, because seriously, "the nipple police?" But now after being a mom, I realize this video is unfortunately accurate a lot of the time.  I hope I never spew a judgmental heart to other mothers, because I know how tough the job truly is; and if I have, please please forgive my foolishness.  In the end, all we want is the best for our children.  Whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed, stay-at-home or work outside the home, single or married, or all-natural delivery or epiduraled up; we are all doing what we think is best for our children.  

There are so many avenues of motherhood that I think we tend to forget about when we are stuck in our own little messy motherhood bubble, especially when the weight of the unexpected caves in.  You been there?  No, just me?  Oh, I thought so.

This month I want to bring light to a few different means of motherhood: the stay-at-home, the working, the expecting, the first-year, and the empty-nesters.  I know there are plenty of other perspectives that I won't  have the opportunity to cover, but I hope you take the time to read what these sweet, and vulnerable women bring to the table.  I hope you can relate to their experiences and be as uplifted as I have been.  I have read what they graciously wrote-sometimes in tears-and must say I have been incredibly humbled, extremely encouraged, and overwhelming challenged.

Stay tuned this week for more on the Messiness of Motherhood.

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