Weekly Bible Reading Plan based on Jen Wilkin's "Women of the Word"

5.25.2016 |

Below is a weekly bible reading plan that I have come up with after reading Jen Wilkin's book, "Women of the Word."  Please feel free to utilize the plan and make changes.  

I recommend reading this book if you are: 
  • wanting to cultivate a passion for reading God's word, 
  • desiring to grow in your knowledge of who God is and who you were designed to be, 
  • looking for a methodical way to study the Word without becoming a checklist, 
  • seeking to understand the bible as it was meant to be written.  
Jen addresses so many areas of our lives where we fail to come to the bible with the correct lenses.  We come to the bible to know God, or at least that is the way we should approach the word.  However, if you are like me, I can become lackadaisical in reading the bible and approaching the bible as a self-help book rather than a lifeline to Jesus.

I do not recommend trying to read more than 5-10 chapters at one time.  I am currently going through James (which is 5 chapters, and Jen outlines in her book), and it is still a lot to bite off.  Start small, get the hang of studying with passion and vigor, and then move to more.  It's about reading the bible for who God is, not for how it can immediately satisfy our need to feel better or what decision to make.  

I hope you find this helpful.  Feel free to print it out.  If you use it, let me know.  If you have your own personal suggestions, I'd love to hear them

Please leave a comment below so we can grow together. 

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