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11.28.2014 |

i wanted to take a minute to take you on a tour of my favorite blogs.  i was challenged (about a month ago) by my friend cassie to share my favorite blogs.  you can find her very own blog tour HERE.  

cassie blogs religiously at SAGE. we met on instagram while she was in scotland.  i am not sure what #hashtag brought us together, but i am glad it happened.  cassie helped fund a mission trip to vancouver for me in 2012.  i have seen how, though this world is big, can be made so incredibly small.  cassie got married this summer to her best friend, they moved from arizona to missouri, and are parents to two beautiful, cuddly cats.  she has such a passion for friendships and meeting people like i have never seen before.  from our short virtual friendship, you can tell immediately that cassie is a passionate person, and lover of jesus christ.  she is currently working on her PhD in clinical psychology.  please take a moment to visit her lovely blog, SAGE, where she blogs her heart out and see what wonderful connections she has made across the world.  


what am i working on?
i never really work on anything. most of my posts are spontaneous.  whenever i have a long weekend or break from work i love to go on a post-fest.  i am currently trying to perfect a Godly relationship post. it is a response post from a woman's point-of-view of what men should or should not do in a Godly dating relationship.  my original post, though some may think a bit idealistic, is from a genuine man's point-of-view and can be read HERE. if you want to be apart of this current project, men or women, please please please add your input HERE.   

how does my work differ from others of its genre?
my blog, i like to this is different, because it takes a minimalist look and (it is my hope and desire) packs its readers full of thought provoking questions and biblical ideas.  my blog is a faith-based blog.  i don't post about recipes, fashion, or kids. not that any of those things are wrong or bad to blog about, it just isn't my personal style.  i like to blog about what the Lord is teaching me and how that applies to my life.  i hope the readers of my blog find encouragement, hope, and some sort of way of relating to my weird and unpredictable life.

why do i write what i do?
i write to encourage others, but also, i write to encourage myself.  writing helps me think through how jesus is working in my life and allows me to reflect on days past.  my blog is a timeline of my walk with jesus.  i personally like reading old blog posts filled with scripture, it speaks to me in a new way each time.

how does your writing process work?
my writing process is probably pretty different from others.  though i am a huge planner outside the blogosphere, writing at MULLING OVER MY MORNING COFFEE is an opportunity to be completely sporadic and spontaneous.   this might make being a loyal reader hard, and i don't blame you, but i don't have a set time of when i post things.  it just doesn't work for me.  when i have an urge to write, i write immediately. 

next stops on the blog tour:

aubrey bennett pens her thoughts and emotions at WARS AND LATTES. i've known aubrey since the fall of 2012.  it's funny how we came to be friends.  though we have mutual friends, we first sat down over coffee at starbucks at mississippi state.  we talked for awhile about most things under the sun.  from the very first day, humble aubrey was vulnerable with me. she told me how she became a christian, where she was at with relationships, what she wanted (or thought) to do with the rest of her life, and how jesus was constantly molding her.  aubrey is a true family girl.  if anything came in the way of her and her family, she would find a way to stop it.  aubrey is a friend.  when i say friend, i don't mean like we hang out and know a few things about each other.  aubrey is a true friend.  when you talk to her, she listens. she cares deeply and has more empathy when it comes to her friends than i probably have in my little pinky.  this compassion and beauty comes out in her blog and what she writes.  aubrey mostly writes about what the Lord is teaching her in her daily walk with him, how she handles marriage, and discusses any books or passages she reads.  i hope you take a moment to look through aubrey's beautiful blog at WARS AND LATTES.

meggan franks writes over at MOM AGAINST THE MARATHON.  meggan is my cross-country coach's wife, but so much more than that.  we met my freshman year mississippi state university in 2008.  meggan and my coach had been married for almost a year.   i got to run with meggan several times throughout my collegiate running career.  i  cherished my runs with meggan, especially through the summer.  she helped me grow as a runner and i admire her work-ethic and will-power.  meggan is not only a supportive wife, but she is a phenomenal mom.  she has two kids: maddie and patrick. meggan is a running beast. do you know of anyone who can run (she would consider it waddling, but she runs) while 39 weeks pregnant!? do you know anyone who starts doing workouts 6-weeks after giving birth and can run 7-min mile pace just a few weeks after giving birth!? do you know anyone who can do so much of what she loves while being a supportive wife and hardcore community volunteer!? check out meggan's blog.  you can track her amazing progress through road races, training, canadian olympic qualifiers, trail runs, and every day mommy-life at her blog MOM AGAINST THE MARATHON.

i hope you have enjoyed this blog tour.  be sure to check out these three amazing women who take time out of their very busy schedules to write what is on their hearts and what is going on in their every day lives.  


  1. Yay! Thanks for all your sweet words friend!!!

    1. <3 you're welcome! i always appreciate you and your fresh words on your blog.

  2. such a fun post!!! Love this idea :)

    1. thanks! loved Cassie's shout out to you on her blog tour ;)


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