the bride and the Groom

11.18.2012 |

slowly she walks down the aisle
snow white, pure hands
her back against the blackened past
her eyes fixed ahead, straight
legs trembling, hearts pounding, tears welling

she sees her handsome Husband
rough hands with scars for her
He sees her and has seen her
He knows her secrets, her fears, her dreams
He has witnessed her worst;
yet He still longs for her to be His, forever
with a knot in her throat, she relinquished control 

He chose her to be His bride
He took her hand in his
and she said i do, i will, i'm Yours, forever.

all eyes are on her as she glides to the front
a huge crowd of witnesses
anxious to watch her declare her love to this matchless Lover,
anticipating this covenant bond

she is ready to submit and willing to follow
for better or worse,
in sickness and health,
to love, to cherish, to obey, 
for richer or poorer, 
about to share in her Husband's glory
inheriting all that He has
she takes his name, her name is brand new  
she is one with her Groom

this is the ultimate Love story

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