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12.23.2012 |

kanoone zendegi (farsi)

this place is changing lives and planting seeds.  at kanoone zendegi, farsi-speaking refugees and immigrants are offered english classes, help with citizenship paper work, learn to file taxes, and are immersed into a love-rich community that plants seeds daily.  life community center offers a comfortable place for persians and other farsi-speaking peoples to feel accepted and at home.  

this is blaire. she has a heart of gold for the lord.  you would never know that she is 19.  we go to school and church together.  she has the voice of an angel and blesses us at pinelake with her gift. 

mr. roy and i walked around downtown vancouver .  we found that it was a lot harder to talk to and learn about people downtown, so we had the time of our lives saying hi and extending a mississippi grin to passers-by. it was truly remarkable to see people light up.  a few walkers responded with how nice it was to see someone cheerful and friendly. proof that this city needs the real love of jesus.
we walked up this hill because the city buses where shut down for 8 hours.  don't let this photo fool you, it was a full mile up hill and another half mile to get to the life center. 
i took this picture on our "mapping" day.  i never realized the useful information you can gather from a neighborhood.
i've honestly fallen in love with this city.
what have i gotten myself in to?
this is the upper landing.  on our "amazing race" day this was one of our destinations.  the weather made for little interaction with people, but this is near where i met david, who we later dubbed our personal tour guide.
these are the laughing buddahs near english bay.  there is more diversity in vancouver than i have ever been exposed.  i wish i could accurately depict it, but i would not do it justice.  if you are a blonde caucasian american girl who is a Christ-follower in vancouver, you are out numbered 500 to 1, and that may honestly be generous.
creeping on a lady at english bay.  have you ever seen a beach with snow?
the inukshuk at english bay.  this is a native american (?) rock formation.
dreary day at the bay
the whale ribs on english bay with canadian flag in the background.  snow fell on my lens because it was snowing really hard that day.  that is why there are blurry marks.  
the steam clock in gastown in downtown vancouver.  a neat place.  if you weren't looking for it, you would pass it by.  

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