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2.27.2017 |

Have you ever known someone who is just exhausting to be around? And I don't mean exhausting in the sense that they are just a busy body or always on the move.  What I mean is that their words just completely suck the life right out of you.   It's constantly negative and destructive.  You leave exhausted.

We can use our words to build up or tear down.  James says that the tongue is powerful and full of deadly poison (3).  The writer of Proverbs says that the tongue can not only be full of death, but also life (18:21) and bring healing (12:18).  Paul writes in Ephesians that we should let nothing but life-giving words flow from our mouths (4:29).

It is exhausting to constantly be around someone who uses their words to tear down.  We read tweets that constantly bog us down, we deactivate our Facebooks because of the deflating words that scroll over our screen, and we turn off the news because of the depressing verbiage.  Instead of our natural tendency to complain about all the complainers, let's be proactive.  We can easily get caught up in the mess if we aren't on our guard.  If you are like me and just need a "good job" from time to time.  We all need encouragement and a few compliments from time to time.  I don't mean compliments in the way of just lip-service or flattery.  I mean real compliments, straight from the heart.  It is refreshing and empowering.

Well, I have something for you.

Hey heavy laden,

I see you.  I see you in your daily grind.  I know it might be a struggle to pull yourself together.  But I just want you to know, in case no one has told you that lately, that you're doing a great job.  You might not feel like you can tackle the mountain in front of you, but you can.  You are way more capable than you give yourself credit for.  So please, don't give up.  Keep going.  I believe in you. The days are hard, I know.  But tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

Hey chronic doubter,

You look in the mirror and see a fictitious you.  But you're beautiful.  You, you really are perfect. The stretch marks, the flab, the scars, just stop.  You're absolutely stunning.  Extinguish your insecurities and stop comparing yourself to flawless Instagram accounts, those people aren't real. But you are.  Your realness makes you wonderful.  You question your ability to be loved, but let me tell you, you are loved, even if it's tough to at times love yourself. You are loved because you belong to Christ. You should know that you are enough.  You are enough of a woman, you are enough of a friend; you are enough of an employee, you are enough of a daughter, you are enough of a wife, you are enough of a mom.  You are enough, so stop believing the lie that you're not.

Hey unsure one,

You know that fake smile you plaster on your face sometimes, well I've been there too.  Keep grinding, you are beautiful and loved and adored.  Just know you are making a difference.  In your coworkers' lives, in your house, in the lives of total strangers each day.  You truly do.  And it's okay that the small-minded people don't accept you, thank you for being real.  Thank you for not playing games. You're amazing.

Hey exhausted lady,

You've helped so many people, and you won't even give yourself credit.  Please take it.  Wake up, you are a wonderful example of Christ.  Others are seeing Jesus in you.  That's the goal!  You are doing it!  I know it's tough because I see how hard you work, but in the calm and in the storm, the Lord is walking with you.  He fights your battles.  Rest in him.

Hey soccer mom,

Even though you just went nuts on the kids and your house looks like a bomb went off, you are an incredible mom.  You are a wonder woman.  Seriously.  In fact, you are the best mom for your kids.  I know you are tired and probably haven't showered in 3 days, but you are a rockstar.  There is no one who can quite be you, and your kids need you.  You are loved and needed.

Hey sensitive sis,

You have helped me become a better person.  I'm not sure where I would be without you.  The way you keep trusting the Lord is inspiring.  I am so proud of you and the person you have become.  Keep smiling, it's contagious.  You are so wise, wiser than your years reflect.  Thank you for giving me your time.  You've helped me in ways I can't articulate.  

Hey you,

I see you.  I love you.  Thank you.

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Can you make that your goal this week? 
Encourage someone, whether you think they need it or not, because I'm 100% positive it's needed.

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